A few words…

If you have come this far, then something has made you curious. Hopefully over the coming months and years, this will be come a journal of adventure of the crazy and mundane type for every voyage his its own story of relevance. There will be stories of play and work, stories of life and love, pictures to add colour to the palette and to keep it interesting, hopefully some insightful comments from you too.

Now its time to get up and start this adventure. With a quote:

Humilty is nothing but the proud fear of stumbling in front of others. Stumbling is nothing; the wrong is in the diverging form, leaving ones path, no longer paying attention to what one says, forgetting what one is. So follow your path.
- Jacques Ranciere


Let the journey on this path continue.


Things fall apart.. visa style in Nigeria (Part 1)

The original title of this blog was “How (not) to get a visa for Nigeria” but in the mean time I have read a great and accessible novel by Chinua Achebe from Nigeria called “Things Fall Apart“ influenced by a poem by our very on WB Yeats. I guess it was not only the greatness of Guinness that …

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appreciating the flower

A soliloquy of random considerations

Today, I see the sun rise with tomorrow over yesterday’s dark times Over lands that harbor tales written in the blood of a people whose hands know not crime I hear the birds compose a melody to the Afro-beat of my heart beat For rhythm is the energy at the heart of every township child’s …

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so the story unfolds… to music….

To bridge from the last little rant of passion, I want just set the scene… It was a dark night in Harare. The stars are shining brightly in the sky as the cold descends to greet the people below. Warmth would protect them soon though familiar African means. A rhythm started. A djembe and a …

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Sometimes you just have to give in…

It had to happen. You resist and resist and resist. Put your defences up. Focus your energy on something else… and the minute you let your guard down… it happens. You fall in Love. Ah… now your all thinking that its some majesty lady that has taken my heart and you all want the gossip …

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How to get to work, Kenyan Style!

Ok… I am beginning to see the difficulties behind writing blogs… Time.. you absorb so fricking much and your doing so much that when it comes to the time to write, you just wanna sleep cos your up 5 hours later for another day of madness… So quickly… update again… I am in Mombasa.. for …

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