Jun 21

A soliloquy of random considerations

I see the sun rise with tomorrow over yesterday’s dark times
Over lands that harbor tales written in the blood of a people whose hands know not crime
I hear the birds compose a melody to the Afro-beat of my heart beat
For rhythm is the energy at the heart of every township child’s feet
I feel the wind love each hair cavity that itches life into my each skin cell
Tickling my imagination, I kiss like the heavens have
The mother that has wrought all things
Wetting to life every being they tell an apple to their eye of this cloud formation
So today I live up to that which, its graduation counts down
I Burn in the sun’s rays
A beautiful fire, caught like a heart in love
For love...
Love is an abundance even God can never get enough of


I look into the eyes of our children and find a belief in tomorrow
Into the hearts of our lovers with self; I’m replacing our sorrow
Redefining those definitions that have ill-defined us as a people
I am due season now, not strange fruit for I don’t hang from any nooses or evil


Now I dance at every chance
And I smile myself to good health
Sing myself voiceless
So to feel, each syllable in the poem of my inner worth
I challenge the wind with freedom poems
Fiery tongue that I recite the sun Luke warm
Converse with the earth to master eternal calm
I touch water, just to learn a sense of purpose


I love like breath is to the living
Survive life because at birth, death is all we are given
I love ignorant to the pain of hearts broken
I love irresponsibly
With this language of God that needs not be spoken


Like wise
Smile yourself to good health
Smile yourself to good wealth
Smile yourself to a fool
Above all, smile because you are beautiful


The only truth about truth is that,
It is not true
But then if your beauty is a lie
Then believe, your ugliness be untruth
Beauty is you, on the inside
How you are on the outer is only an expression of it
Know... my appreciation of it
Is how infinite an impression of myself I have on myself
That... to be able to see ugliness
Is a the greatest need for growth in oneself
And, self is no subject to mere languages definition
But like words, a paradise to the infinity of ones imagination
So let me say again..
Smile yourself to good health
Smile yourself to good wealth
Smile yourself to a fool
Above all, smile because you are beautiful


I saw Tswarelo Mothobe aka A Scribe Called Twsa perform at HIFA and he started by stating that this was a poem he wrote to put in to words the feelings he felt after turning 30 and to project to the world that everything in this world can still be seen with a smile and that there is alway infinite possibilities to transform ones self at any moment. It resonated with me very much so I wanted to share it with you all. Thank you Tswarelo for letting me publish this to my world and making me smile that day.

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