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Mar 26


Reflection Smile that arrogant smile Calculated manipulation off every reaction now automated contained unconscious unconnected in control – Until the smell of this spring flower invokes unrelenting frontiers and for a moment awake chaotic confused conscious alive -

Nov 10

The Theory of Transcending Intellectual Trumpism

There were a few titles in my head that I was contemplating though realised like most headlines, it was simply about clickbait, a great way to get someone to your website to read something that might not be the truth, because seriously, today what we read might never be true. The other title was Trump …

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Sep 03

Understanding the Skies

What a statement.. “Understanding the Skies”.. It sounds so well.. hippyish… Though this is the title of the book by a guy called Denis Pagan who wrote one of many books about a “sport” that has captured my attention and life for the past year. Just for a frame of reference, I am now sitting …

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Dec 17

Gravity.. what brings us back to earth…

well…  I think this photo and the ones below just describes what images I have from home and what it means for me….   and this video is what it is I have to look forward to… you can understand why I am happy Michael and Kieran came out of that big bump above!!!! … …

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Dec 03

Variation on a Theme by Rilke

A certain day became a presence to me; there it was, confronting me – a sky, air, light: a being. And before it started to descend from the height of noon, it leaned over and struck my shoulder as if with the flat of a sword, granting me honor and a task. The day’s blow …

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Aug 04

Things fall apart.. visa style in Nigeria (Part 1)

The original title of this blog was “How (not) to get a visa for Nigeria” but in the mean time I have read a great and accessible novel by Chinua Achebe from Nigeria called “Things Fall Apart“ influenced by a poem by our very on WB Yeats. I guess it was not only the greatness of Guinness that …

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Jul 19

An old odd sock adventure…

This is a random odd sock adventure… but here it goes.. I am wearing odd socks.. yellow and red and I am sitting on a plane from Addis Ababa to Frankfurt en route to visit a great friend in Copenhagen and begin a random adventure around Europe for the coming weeks. Ya.. there will be …

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Jun 24

TIA… apparently

Hey.. look at this.. regular updates.. even I surprise myself.. at this rate I might actually join a more socially integrated medium of communication to get the message out to the masses… Anyway this had to be shared! Do ignore the early 20′s … cos well thats just normal… its the minus that is the …

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Jun 21


Just keeping the roots close to the heart…..   Not many words needed here apart from figuring out what Thomas (far left!) is thinking about….. Suggestions welcome…    

Jun 21

A soliloquy of random considerations

Today, I see the sun rise with tomorrow over yesterday’s dark times Over lands that harbor tales written in the blood of a people whose hands know not crime I hear the birds compose a melody to the Afro-beat of my heart beat For rhythm is the energy at the heart of every township child’s …

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