Apr 30

Packing my bags!!!

Its a weird feeling to up root oneself especially when things are so tranquil and settled. Though in reflection of the past couple of weeks of dancing around Europe with Tania, there is an internal feeling that doing such things make us stronger and better people. We take risks and see if they pay off. When we step out of our comfort zone anything can happen.. Things can be created, things can be destroyed, one thing is for sure, the time line that we live in is disrupted and change occurs. It is said that change is the only constant. I wonder if there is a way to statistically measure the rate of change due to the nature of risk taken? We prepare ourselves for these risks as much as we can though we know when we step out the door in to the unknown world, anything can happen.

My bags are almost packed and my personal possessions, bar a few small things, are crammed into 2 large and one small bag. The memories gained from my time in Leuven and Belgium can never be packed away and regardless where I go over the next months and years, those memories will keep me smiling all the time. In case I need refreshing, there is always a plane to bring me there!

Anyway, I must continue and finish the packing so I can spend the last precious moments with Tania without any worries of thinking I forgot something (though I am sure I will think that anyway!). The flight is at 8.20am on Wednesday and I get to Addis Ababa that evening where one of the Camara guys, Shak, will pick me up and bring me to where I’ll stay for the week. I am prepared as I can be with all the medication, injections etc that I need, passport is empty and waiting for stamps a plenty. Regarding researching where I am going, its more of a go with the flow and learn from the most important resource that a country can provide you and that is its very own people!

Its going to be strange to dump my life into words like a blog as I have never done this before. If I am not updating enough, scream at me to do so, If i am updating toooo much… well then just encourage me to continue…

For now, All I can say is that I will keep my feet on the ground, connected to the Earth that also connects all my friends, family and those I love so much. Distance is only as far away as we make it in our head and is as close as we keep it in our hearts.


  1. Abdullah Ozcelik

    We’ll miss you Keith!
    Take care!

    Abdu & Hatice & Jr. :-)

  2. The chocolate Lion

    We’ll see each other soonio ;)

  3. Dave

    I am very inspired dude! Change is definitely something to be embraced. Myself and Angie have just left our comfort zone again too. I feel like we have been dropped into Indonesia like 2 alcaseltzers. Cant wait to hear about your adventures and experiences in East Africa. I was reading up on Camaraderie, sounds interesting. There is a guy that looks a bit like you in their A09 pic. Sounds interesting. My interest is definitely peeked to come visit some time, maybe even volunteer..

    See you further along the trail,


  4. Doris

    Dear Keith,

    We hope you are enjoying your journey so far !! It is so nice to have so many international friends.
    I cannot say how much I love the main photo of you and Tania, it is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Take care of yourself friend!

    Best wishes,

    Marcel and Doris

  5. Marko

    Oi Yoda, enough with the heavy philosophical shite! Lets be having more updates with pictures and fun stuff etc!!!

    “Bore you to death, I will…”

    Only messing, chat soon buddy, looking forward to reading your blog..

    1. Keith

      Jasus… bore ya to death.. you should try the buses here and see what boring is!!! Every trip to work is an adventure. Today I sat beside a goat!

  6. olgashka

    it’s super cooloshka that you write this blog!
    i will read it and comment!
    put more pictures! :)


  7. RF23

    I knew a guy once who left his life to go where he felt in his gut he had to. He left everything and did so suddenly almost without word. There was only one person in the whole world you knew how sad he really was, and he was not going. My friend spent every day writing on walls an apology to a person who loved his life. The saddest thing is, i know hes never been more happy.

    Your story here reminded me of that feeling. I am sorry that to gain so much, you have to risk it all.


    PS. im sorry if this is too public of a place to make such a comment.

    1. Keith

      for such a comment, in the public is the only place for the truth is what has to be seen, heard, felt and embraced.

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