May 24

Sometimes you just have to give in…

It had to happen. You resist and resist and resist. Put your defences up. Focus your energy on something else… and the minute you let your guard down… it happens. You fall in Love.

Ah… now your all thinking that its some majesty lady that has taken my heart and you all want the gossip and the photos and to hear about the passionate commencement of a new relationship… and maybe that will be a story to be told in due course, but this love affair is one is not one that you may all consider new… and not with any person.. but with many people that make this continent, and where I have found myself on for one year today.

Yesterday, I fell in love with Africa.

Its strange eh… I guess you who know me thought this was the case already.. though all it was for me was curiosity of the unknown… Though curiosity has played a big part in my life. It leads me into places unknown… and has some good consequences and some bad that I cannot ignore.. I was curious about Bosnia and Serbia and rambled by myself for an adventure years ago. That brought me to Couchsurfing and meeting many of you folks who follow my written ramblings. I was curious about a wee country beside Spain that nobody talked about except a beach in the Algarve and that shaped my life for the past years… and it led me to discover the so called Dark Continent. The consequences of each was falling in love.

Why now and why not months ago or even the first days in Mombasa one year ago today? I can only attribute to the energy I gave to try and saving a relationship that was failing. My heart was always there and not here. My energy was on that and not this and here and now. With my energy focused on here and now, on present and future, and importantly to all that is immediate around me, I can now see, feel and absorb all that this electrifying continent has to offer.

A rollercoaster few months through Ethiopia, Zambia, Lesotho and most recently and especially Zimbabwe and Nigeria have each individually provided unique moments. Each have wonderful stories that need to be told. Each have people that made each place special. Each have succeeded in breaking down my defences and making me give in. With this new found energy I hope to be able to share with you these stories to help you understand this love affair.

Like all love affairs, it will transform, it will grow, it may last for a season or a lifetime. So, you have my heart now Dear Africa, lets have some fun together…


  1. Lion


  2. Sinead Madden

    You got me wanting read more on gossip love story! Haha! Anyway im leaving the magic of Africa to enchant you & casting s little spell from here ;-) chat soon amigo

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