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Oct 06

Things Fall Apart (part 2) .. the Irish Episode

It was a surprise for me as much as to anybody who I met in Dublin that I arrived back so suddenly. My folks were not warned and as a result, my mother nearly dropped one of her grandchildren in shock. I think I will at least give some indication the next time. It was …

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Oct 29

What do I do really??

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time.. well actually I have been meaning to write full stop for a long time but just never quite got around to it…. I hope during this post and the few that I have started to write together to get my ass into gear and dump …

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Jul 26

Donkey Time in Lamu

So In the past few months of being in Kenya, I didn’t exactly become the ideal tourist that the Kenyan Tourist Board would of liked, not to mention the countless salesmen that hoard the beaches waiting for the mzungu dollar. I’d already done Safari (I have some photos up on the gallery and will put …

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Jun 18

jasus…. thirsty crowd

Ok.. right I dont write a post for a few weeks and people think I have disappeared…. So.. ok calm down like.. I have 2 almost written and one well… its about prostitutes… That should keep you all hooked for another few days till I get the photo I need for those posts   In …

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