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Apr 05

The Art of Suspending Time by A Continent called Africa

Its true.. time doesnt exist in Africa.. and somehow I got sucked into it. I am trying to recall an expression somebody said to me a while ago. Germans mastered the art of Clocks, Africans mastered the Art of Time. And somehow, through the contradictions, for those who know what African timing is, that exist …

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Jun 18

jasus…. thirsty crowd

Ok.. right I dont write a post for a few weeks and people think I have disappeared…. So.. ok calm down like.. I have 2 almost written and one well… its about prostitutes… That should keep you all hooked for another few days till I get the photo I need for those posts   In …

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May 22

A bit more about Addis

So far Addis has been great! I have worked, ate, slept, had a few beers, and worked some more.. I arrived last Wednesday and worked every day since being here. Things are a bit mental for reasons I am not sure I can fully publish. Some are good and some are not so good and …

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May 07

Arriving in Addis

I suppose all blogs fully get going with really boring content… Taking flights, landing in new places, and settling and learning what its all about. So I guess lets make this one no different. Day 1 consisted of an early morning rise. My wonderful neighbours and equally wonderful Tania ventured with me to the airport …

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