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Jun 25

Choppin my money in Tembo

If there was a crappy pop song that just captivated me.. its this one. I heard it the day before I went to Tembo courtesy of Grace, one of my auld flatmates here, a hardcore Nigerian music fan from Coolock. Then I heard it in Tembo, then I heard it in about 42 matatus so …

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Jun 25

The dark side of Mombasa in the the glare of the Sun

Prostitution is just prostitution. Simple as that. Everybody has a view on it. Many have experienced it. Its one of the oldest professions in the world and resultantly, has learnt how to guise itself in many ways to become an accepted part of a functioning society. Uncle “G” would agree with me. Give him a …

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May 22

How to get to work, Kenyan Style!

Ok… I am beginning to see the difficulties behind writing blogs… Time.. you absorb so fricking much and your doing so much that when it comes to the time to write, you just wanna sleep cos your up 5 hours later for another day of madness… So quickly… update again… I am in Mombasa.. for …

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Status update

Hey all,

Just a quick update. I plan to do some more comprehensive blogs about the last few weeks soon. Actually one is written. Anyway, you might hear some things about Kenya in the news, particularly about grenade attacks in Mombasa and further north in Dadaab. Just to let you know everything is OK. We monitor all situations like this closely and do risk assessments all the time for all our bases across East Africa.

Talk to you all soon