Nov 10

The Theory of Transcending Intellectual Trumpism

There were a few titles in my head that I was contemplating though realised like most headlines, it was simply about clickbait, a great way to get someone to your website to read something that might not be the truth, because seriously, today what we read might never be true. The other title was Trump and the Emotional and Spiritual Awakening of Humankind. I liked this a lot, though … i thought, people are afraid of spirituality so won’t click and read this. Truth and fear. Feelings and emotions; These are the reasons why everyone is talking about Trump today. We can not blame the people of the USA. In our intellectual world, understanding and discovering is our normal tool. Why change this now? There is a reason and I am going to try to explore this now

messy feelings

So yes, what you might read here might not be true, though what I really care about is what you feel. So in essence I am no different than Donald Trump. Talks a lot, never sure if I have money or I am bankrupt, lots of hair and with a bit of effort in an Irish tanning salon, could be orange too and every word I say is to invoke a feeling, an emotion in order to motivate you to collectively act, challenge, reflect and evolve.

It seems strange to say this though I have a generally positive feeling about the election of Donald Trump. (emotion: anger, disgust, indignation). Though hear me out if you haven’t clicked away or thrown your aeropress made inverted method coffee at your Macbook screen. I’ll try talk sense and ask for your inputs too and ask you at the end of it all, how do you feel. Most if not all of what I say here is back it up with some good literature though for the sake of keeping to the Trumpist approach of just saying it as it is, I am not going to provide them. And to systematically go through all this, I will use my framework on exploring human connections with the world on different levels. These are physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Trumps victory is simply the zeitgeist our global present, not of the elites, the outliers and intellectuals but the zeitgeist of the critical human mass. And no doubt, if you agree or disagree with this, you and everybody else is asking the question, how did we get here. So let’s go on a journey together.

Zoom out on human historical evolution and we get to see the progression and evolution from animalistic primitives to functional humans learning tools and technologies, agriculture, weaponry. We were plagued by disease, destroyed by war. Battles on the physical level. These moments of severe challenges to humankind brought out sparks of human adversity and moments of pure kindness. Think of the 60’s after WW2. The invention of writing and scaled by the printing press allowed for a mechanism for collective questioning on why, why does bad things happen to us and what brought us here. Formations of social and moral orders, such as religious organisations and secular governments brought ideas and reasoning to the masses through mechanisms such as education, mobilising collective social gatherings and mass communications. The evolution into the intellectual level had begun in earnest. Humankind was getting bored with the physical exploration and discovery. Saturation of the physical senses through food, sex, perfumes, sports, music and other sensory pleasures was not giving enough to humans. Capitalist and Materialist systems tried to exploit our physical level. Though humans find gaps when challenged and exploited. We knew it was distracting. The curiosity of humans for intellectual growth and evolution had begun. The war of the mind was under way.

Every idea, thought, word and concept that was the property of the elite was up for grabs in this new intellectual war. Systems such as Religion were systematically taken apart and is slowly withering in significance in the public realm. Philosophy, Rational and Reason, spawned from the elite society of the Greeks and other outlier intellectual movements found gaps in the schisms of religious structures and spread through the mechanisms like education mentioned above. Science flourished to seek questions to answers that religious and political structures could not offer. Political systems were dissected, trialed and tested. Socialism turned into communism and failed because the true voice of humans was not being recognised, heard, acknowledged and understood. Nationalism failed due to absolute rigid idealism and the evolving systems of globalisation. Conservatism and Liberalism played out a sea-saw battle from left to right until Liberalism succumbed to scientific progress that constantly challenges and changing systems, ideas, norms of what we are and know. If we now have so many labels for our illnesses, identity, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences to name a few, if our universe is always grown and new galaxies are found every day, if the free market capitalist ideals that liberalist value so much create turmoil, division and grief, it is easy to understand how overwhelming this can be to humankind. It’s easy to understand how afraid and angry humankind can be. Who can they trust? A system that believes in liberty and equality that can’t provide liberty and equality in an uncertain system. Or conservatism, which stifles human evolution that history documents so eloquently. The answer is neither. The zenith of the intellectual political system has passed…  and that brings us back to Trump who is currently picking up the mess of this all.


Trump was not bound by any political or intellectual idea when it came to mobilising people to vote for him. He knew one thing. Business and the game of building trust to do business. Trust is an intuition, a make up of a multitude of feelings powered by emotions. To win this election he successfully played on people’s emotions instead of the intellectual discourse of the political sphere as we know it and people acted on what they felt through a system that only allows for a democratic political intellectual reasoning. He did not leverage the religious card at any one time. He leveraged people’s emotions and people’s fears of difference and the unknown. People are afraid and his discourse was always about playing off people’s feelings. He said “I am Afraid”. So are so many other people. No political system is going to give security. No religious system is providing security on huge existential questions people have been asking and continue to have. No scientific process is providing security and assurances on who we really are and where we really are. So many uncertainties. Changes is the only constant. And Donald Trump is the person that the USA emotionally feels can guide them through such uncertain times. Well… ya he tricked the critical mass and again who can blame them. For simply we must recognise that an revolution where Emotional connection and engagement is well underway, a critical mass were engaged emotionally and Trump is the first person to take advantage of that. It’s time we acknowledge humankind’s marked transcendence into this emotional level and allow it to flourish. This is not saying that the intellectual political sphere will disband. Intellectual discourse will have its right and necessary position in our world. Though it too needs to evolve and join the revolution

So wait a second, you might be asking.. Woh.. hold your horses, we took a HUGE jump into the emotional evolution of humankind without explaining why. Won’t Trump or other emotional manipulators just use the existing political systems or modify new ones to keep control over the masses. Also I know that every gender rights advocate, feminist, humanitarian, intellectual thinker, anti establishment fighter, anarchist and human rights advocacy is going to say this is a HUGE jump back for humanity. All of the incredible progress made in all areas to recognise, empower and protect humans from all walks of life, all genders, sexual orientations and social upbringings. And yes, I simply acknowledge. Trump will be an absolute disaster in the short term and yes he will try to take advantage of it and instill his own political ideology based on fear and division that people are calling Trumpism. More people will die under his watch than the current president.  Though again, I look at history and it gives me hope. Great progress in humanity comes in times of incredible adversity. Humanity is about to step into one of those come Friday, January 20, 2017. And now is one of those calls to action to be ready to protect what we collectively as humankind have built up.

Where does my hope come from? Is it naive optimism? Possibly yes though again, there is a basis for where my thoughts and ideas come from and if you have got this far, you might be feeling what I am feeling.

It starts from the intellectual idea of the individual, the self which was born in philosophical thought and was enshrined by the UN Declaration of Human Rights and protected by the majority of legal systems worldwide. It gives weight to the concept that humans are free to be, feel, think what they feel once it doesn’t infringe on those same rights of another human. It comes from what humanity has created to transcend systems that don’t feel right to them. The internet was created to allow for human virtual interaction and discovery above political interference. People through social platforms can now say what they feel without fear of immediate retaliation. It comes from the breakdown of the authority of the systems, both political and religious that tell people how they should feel and act on those feelings. The breakdown of political intellectual and religious moral structures created by the white male are no longer trusted and respected. White Male leaders are no longer trusted and respected. Donald Trump is not a leader. He is just someone playing with emotions. He is a manipulator, a racist, a misogynistic demon. He is everything that is wrong about Humanity that has now been revealed before our eyes. He has no capacity to lead. He just figured out the game before the intellectual politicians did. He will not be able to intellectually deal with the complexities of the political scientific socioeconomic world and intellectually represent those who voted for him based on their emotions. He will be come angry and frustrated himself. Pride will drive him. He will act out of anger and frustration and lack of patience required to engage meaningfully at the intellectual level. He will do stupid things. The people who voted him in will react out of anger, frustration that he is not really representing their intellectual and emotional vision for the future. The political intellectual and emotional gap that Trump bridged will grow again. Tensions will raise. People will mobilise for change. Until this happens its our job to ensure that one of the angry actions of Trump is not to push that big red button that come next February he has the power to do so.

I am sure many people reading about Trumps victory stopped for a moment and reflected. Some felt safe and assured. Others  felt an emotion of fear, confusion, anger or sadness that they could not control or understand, they defaulted to assurance at the next level, the spiritual. I done exactly that. So where does that leave us now… back to where humankind, when the shit hits the fan, acts accordingly in times of adversity. Evolve and Transcend.


Jurgan Habermas talks about the public sphere as the place where all intellectual discourse is allowed to happen and allows for diversity of identities and collective respect for inputs and respectful challenges of thought and ideas. These are interrogated on a framework of respect for diversity and addressing each idea and though in its structural form, for what it is now and not who brings it to the table. To allow for this emotional revolution to take hold, this space needs to evolve to allow for emotional exploration and discovering human feelings, To allow space to articulate what we feel and why we feel it with the space allowed to provide the intellectual back up and space for discovery if reason to describe the emotion can’t be found. Let that come after, let it be documented and the intellectual machine that is in full swing now dig and dive for the answers. Allow our emotional engagement and connection with each other to be explored. This can’t be in virtual spaces. It needs to be real, face to face where we feel what the other is saying, connect with what emotions are being released and truly sense what our fellow human is saying. The methods tried and used during the collective discourse in the occupy movement give a method of collective communication. Leverage this with emotional messaging with a method for respect, understanding and empathy and there might be a way to bring this into the public sphere. Allowing emotional exploration furthers our individual discovery of senses that allow us humans to understand better these abilities we have that we can only now describe as intuitions. I am told many times to trust my intuitions. Though to quote someone I shouldn’t really be quoting now, Ronald Regan, he always said “Trust and Verify”. In the pursuit of human evolution, there is nothing wrong with verify in scientific form what my intuitions are telling me, what are the dimensions are anger, what is the dimensions of love, why do positive thoughts attract positive people and so on… Now I am truly stepping into a place where I can say, if i say any further it is statistically possible and verified by polling data, that I am not telling the truth. Again, here is a call to action. Lets figure this out. Together.

And then I wrap it up by saying… mmmmm… if we are in the emotional era of humankind and there is one more level, the spiritual level, what is going to be our collective humankind jump into this level. Someone asked me today what I felt about the result. I said simply “Its the last great stand of the white man patriarchy that we will transcend beyond or it’s the end of humankind as we know it”. I only talked here about transcending and not about the end of humankind. But simply the only way we as humans will come to an end is if this beautiful planet we call home decides it’s had enough of us and flushes us out. Have a look at Before the Flood by National Geographic and it might give you some more thoughts on this. Maybe this will be the cause of our next jump to the Spiritual level?? If so, will we be collectively ready?? We are fucking up our beautiful planet and it makes me very very very angry, dejected, afraid and disappointed.

Our planets well being is the first thing I want to talk about in this space we need to create for emotional human discourse and discovery.

So now, if you did actually make it this far, I ask you in the comments to share with me and the world an honest answer to the questions: Today, how do you feel?

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