Feb 01

This Walk

this walk

This Walk
The wake of a morning summers glow,
Once illuminated your pedestal 
while you preached 
Charlie and tribunals, 
months minders and removals, 
and the junior B football results just for me
over a Saturday morning fry,
now brings the call
from Greenwich and above
to check that all is on time.
Our summer sea breeze strolls 
brought 99′s and fickle flakes 
drowned in hundreds and thousands
of whispering moments.
And the pulse of the midday sun, 
started the chase 
to catch each drop of sweetness
before it escapes below.
Now I must allow
the gravity of each footstep
we left in the sand
to draw my familiar out
while grabbing my cap, 
I leave your blue scarf behind.
And yes its different my dear
to meet where mass creeps to shore.
But I have delicate secrets 
for your heart,
just a moment more.



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